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    电  话:0371-22052959

    手  机:139-3787-0911

    手  机:139-3909-2376

    邮  箱:tklh801220@hntklh.com

    地  址:河南自贸区开封片区郑开大道298号自贸大厦B座303


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    Henan Tech-Link Measurement&Control Equipment Co., Ltd is a Hi-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing, sales, R&D of flow meter, pressure gauge, liquid level instrumentation, temperature instrumentation and complete sets of automation equipment production, The company is registered in Kaifeng city, Henan Province, which was capital for eight dynasties, and also is called North Water City.

    In order to adapt to the development of the market, and meet the demand of export-oriented economy, new company is located Free Trade Zone with the capital of RMB 16 million yuan. Thus It’ll be much easier and conveniently to communicate with domestic and overseas clients and providing professional services. All stuffs in the company are experienced in product and market in this industry which makes us can provide quality products and services, even special demands and personalized from customs.

    We are mainly engaged in vortex flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, throttle device, rotor flow level meter, all kinds of instrument fittings and various valves and automation complete sets of equipment. With high quality and excellent services, our products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, machinery, heat supply, power supply, water supply, food, brewing, farmland irrigation, scientific research and environmental engineering, and many other industries. Not only the manufacture and design but also the sales service, we request exact demand, standard process, make perfection more perfect.  

    Through adhering to the idea of Innovation, Coordination, Green Initiative, Sharing to break the development problem constantly, strengthen the advantage of development to continuously impel the  innovations of professional knowledge theories, scientific and technological and product, could we provide high quality products and professional services for domestic and foreign customers.

    We always believe that Quality is the bst guarantee for the maintenance of customer loyalty. It is the foundation for the long-term survival of the enterprise and the core strength for enterprise competition.

    We will always insist on the perfect quality to build the centurial brand.



    81.png 电话:173-3786-3881

    82.png 邮箱:tklh801220@hntklh.com

    83.png 地址:河南自贸区开封片区郑开大道298号自贸大厦B座303

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